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Planning for long-term success

Create a future beyond your last placement

The simple facts about running a recruitment business:

  • We’re only as safe as our last placement
  • Our big billers will eventually outgrow us if we are the best at what we do
  • We’ve got to be prepared for market fluctuations & recession
  • Industries change, regulations change, technologies change, people change

Is your business strategically sound for each?

We’re here to strategically partner with you by minimizing these inevitable risks!

  • Introduce the concept of non-transactional recruitment income by providing a way to build a new annuitized revenue stream
  • Retain recruiters longer
  • Increase the valuation of your firm
  • Differentiate yourself from competition
  • Enhance long-term relationship with candidates
  • Offer a value-add to candidate lead pool that you may not be able to place

How we support your candidates

Every candidate who changes careers has to make financial decisions that will have a significant impact on their financial future. You can assist them in making the most of their transition by partnering with our wealth management team who have assisted individuals with the financial decisions and planning associated with career change for almost 20 years.

Many advisors see one or two clients change careers per year, and thus may not have focused a lot of attention on developing a process to shepherd you through this major life event. In working with people in transition for over a decade, we understand the issues and have a well defined process to ensure a smooth financial transition. The three areas we focus on are:

Prior to Leaving a Career: Examining the immediate issues individuals face including but not limited to accelerated vesting/expiration of options and RSU’s, deferred compensation payout and tax implications, termination of defined benefit plans, loss of healthcare and group life insurance benefits.

During Transition Time: Assessing their entire financial situation including assets and liabilities, future cash flow needs, planning goals, transition liquidity needs, reviewing wills and estate plans and coordinating efforts with their attorney or CPA to ensure all of their advisors are aware of the pertinent issues and assisting you in a comprehensive fashion. In special situations, we may refer them to members of our professional network for contract negotiations when evaluating new career offers and other services that address your specific needs.

Upon Entering New Company: Evaluating their new benefits and assisting in selecting and utilizing them in the most effective way possible, and in a way that coordinates with the goals they’ve outlined during the transition time. There are so many moving parts to a career change, and the reasons behind each transition are unique. It is our goal to understand their specific situation and goals, and to assist them in maximizing the personal and financial benefit of this major life event.

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